We all wish to be physically fit because we know that being fit is being healthy. But how many of us are physically fit?

Physical fitness is something which cannot be achieved in a moment. It needs a disciplined life, healthy eating and most important being active. It is about being able to maintain the right weight through exercise and a disciplined lifestyle. A person who can stay physically and mentally fit can face the many challenges of life and can enjoy a healthy and long life.

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Becoming Physically Fit – How to?

So, as you start your journey towards achieving physical fitness, you need to start bringing changes in your lifestyle as well. First and foremost, exercise needs to be a part of your routine along with healthy food. You need to stay away from bad habits which include alcohol and smoking, you need to avoid fizzy drinks and junk food. Besides, you need to sleep 8 hours in a day and drink enough water to stay hydrated. It’s important to spend enough time outdoors, take in fresh air and indulge in healthy activities. Some activities which can help you stay fit include activities like hiking, swimming and playing football.

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Those who cannot spend time outdoors need to spend time exercising at home or in the gymnasium. Include a variety of exercises in your fitness schedule is important so that your body doesn’t get used to the movement, otherwise it will lose its effectiveness. You can try a mix of cardio and aerobic exercises which are excellent for your body.

Physical Fitness helps us in many ways:

Helps in Reducing Injury Risks:

When you exercise regularly you can stay physically fit. This means you have increased muscle strength, improved bone density, better flexibility and good stability. Your physical fitness will help in reducing your risk of injuries, especially as you get old. With your great fitness level, you will develop strong muscles. This means better balance and you are not going to fall quickly. Stronger bones also mean that lesser chances to tumble and fall which is quite a concern among the aged.

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Improves Quality of Life:

How does it feel to have a sedentary life? Lethargic and lazy?

Slowly, there is loss in motivation and the person becomes too lazy to move about which does take a toll on the health. Inactive lifestyle can increase the risk for certain diseases which include mental health problems, cancer and some chronic diseases. When you are physically active, there is a sense of energy and motivation to indulge in activities which you would have not indulged in otherwise.

Improves Health:

Physical fitness is important because it assures a healthy body. It helps in improving the overall health of the individual, especially cardiovascular and respiratory health. Staying active helps in maintaining the right weight which is crucial for overall health!

For physical fitness the following can be quite helpful:

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  • Aerobic Exercises can be done regularly or at least three days in a week. Aerobic exercises include swimming, jogging, brisk walking and cycling which helps in strengthening the muscles and heart. This is because the heart keeps pumping at quite a high rate and that too for a long time.
  • Strength training helps in building stamina. It helps in replacing the body fat with healthy muscle mass. This helps in burning calories quite efficiently. Strength training can be done through push-ups, pull-ups and lifting free weights among others.

Lastly, do not forget that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is of utmost importance.

Finally… Here’s the type of personal training we DON’T recommend: