Being a fitness freak, I started working-out quite early in life!

So, it was basically a mix of everything which I believed would help my fitness goals. It’s tough to say whether or how much I benefited but I realized how important it is to work-out under the guidance of a personal trainer.

Woman Lying on Bench Press and Holding Barbell

Now, after years of hard work and lots of patience, I have made it – Yes, I am a professional personal trainer. It’s my goal to help individuals who are serious about their workout routine and need guidance and a bit a motivation. Of course, we all need it sometimes!

Role of a Personal Trainer:

Being a personal trainer, I realize that my goal is not limited to just help my clients meet their fitness goals. I am their life coach, their nutrition guide and of course, their motivator. I have seen clients depend completely on their personal trainer and why not? Of course, that’s a part of my job.

I am trained to teach others – how to exercise, importance of motivation, diet, consistency and dedication. Remember, exercising is just a small part of fitness. Nutrition and lifestyle have a major role to play here. In fact, exercising in the right way doesn’t help always, if you do not follow the right lifestyle.

Woman Doing Exercise

I try to help my clients, meet their unique requirements. Every individual is different. It also means that everyone’s requirements and abilities are also not the same, especially when it is something about stamina and exercising. It’s my duty to realistic goals which is of utmost importance.

Sounds interesting?

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