Spinal health has always been a matter of concern for elders. Now, due to changing lifestyle, mainly sedentary lifestyle and too much dependence on digital objects, issues related to spinal health are on the rise. The reasons are many which includes obesity, long-hours at the desk and even injuries which are not taken care of on time or neglected. Back pain is one of the major concerns of the millennials today.

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If you are also worried about your spinal health, here are some facts which might make a difference.

Spine Alignment – Do you know that the alignment of your spine determines the center of gravity of your body. It is known that the body functions optimally when the spine is well-aligned. When this happens, you have a healthy balance of your body.

Stabilizer of the body – The spine is the main stabilizer of our posture. It works in coordination with all other parts of the body and offers great support to the discs, ligaments and muscles. As Dr. Riggleman at Riggleman Clinic says, “Our spine is responsible for our flexibility and mobility. It also offers us much needed endurance and strength. If the spine is in healthy condition, our entire body stability is maintained, and flexibility is ensured.” Dr. Riggleman is a chiropractor in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Much of this article comes from my interview with him.

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Spine Health Determines our Well-Being:

Do you know that our spine health can determine how we feel? When you have a misaligned spine, it might lead to musculoskeletal problems. It might also be the cause of different health problems which include headache, indigestion related problems, nervousness and chronic fatigue.

Sitting Too Much is Bad for Spine:

Research reveals that sitting continuously for a long-duration can cause harm to the spine. However, it is important that you are sitting in the right posture and in the right chair. Sitting for long duration restricts the flow of blood to the spine which can lead to stiffness, lack of mobility and pain. Exercise of the spine is highly recommended to improve the flexibility of the spine.

Dietary Changes for Spine Health:

If you are worried about your spine health and need a way out, you can include varieties of seeds and nuts in your diet. Including fatty fish, eggs and salmon are a good source of vitamin D. If you are having back pain, you shouldn’t ignore it. Bringing changes in the diet might help in reducing pain and feeling better.

As per experts, certain changes in the diet have a role in improving spine health. It can help in preventing spine aging. Incorporating the recommended foods like fresh green leafy vegetables, broccoli, kale and cucumber can help in ensuring good health of the spine.

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Back Pain:

Spine health worsens when an individual experience back pain. It is known that 80% of Americans (approx.) face issues related to spine health at some point of life. Back pain is one of the main causes of disability worldwide. Though the condition doesn’t have a permanent cure in most situations, with exercise the situation can be better.

Its important to take care of spinal health. Any symptoms in the form of stiffness, dull ache or problems in movement shouldn’t be ignored. If treated from an early stage, it might be possible to control the spread of the problem.

To know for sure, you should consult WebMD for common spinal related issues.